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MOXY Capsule will be shipped from Europe ONLY to European member countries.

• Average delivery time: 3-4 working days (14 days in case of large amounts).

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We are happy to introduce MOXY Capsule, the new product developed by IVOLABS™.

MOXY contains 5mg of 5-MeO-MiPT in each capsule - a novel substituted tryptamine research chemical.

These capsules have shape and appearance of a standard capsule "size 1" and are produced with a precise amount of chemical to simplify the research.
Please do not confuse this product with black market products like ecstasy.

WARNING: This product was invented for research purposes only - please do not use this product for human consumption. Research chemicals require more scientific research to gather safety data using this active substance safe on human or animals.

Your benefits to purchase MOXY Capsule @ IVOLABS

Q: From where do you ship MOXY Capsule?

A: MOXY Capsule shipped from our European warehouse, only to European member country.

Q: How can I get discount for MOXY Capsule?
A: You can order a larger quantity or pay by bitcoin to receive additional discount. Should you wish a larger quantity as you find listed in our shop - then kindly contact us.
We are glad to make you a unique offer for your MOXY Capsule request.

Q: Is MOXY Capsule legal in my country?
A: Your order will be cancelled should the request product be illegal in your country.

Q: Do you ship MOXY Capsule to UK?
A: No we don't ship any Research Chemical to UK.

Q: Do you ship MOXY Capsule to USA?
A: No we don't ship any product to USA.


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