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Orlicure is one of the useful weight loss medication. By reducing the number of calories your body absorbs, the body is forced to take fewer calories while consuming a normal amount of calories.

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What is Orlicure ?

Orlicure is the medicine that assists people to lose weight. Various researches explain that Orlicure shows better weight reduction in people than if they were dieting alone. Only adults over the age of 18 can use this weight loss drug. A low-fat diet and reduced-calorie are intended when using Orlicure .


Working of Orlicure

Orlicure blocks the absorption of fat. The fat present in the food will not be absorbed. So, only proteins and carbohydrates will be left behind, and fats remain unused. This means that no calories were gained from fat.


How is Orlicure Used?

The usage pattern of the Orlicure tablet is taking one tablet orally, thrice daily after each meal. In case you skin a meal you should skin the Orlicure tablet. The effectiveness of Orlicure depends on the consumption of a meal. Orlicure is 120mg capsule taken one hour after a meal.


How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Generally, 1 to 2 pounds of weight can be reduced in a week by using Orlicure along with the suggested diet. It promotes modest, gradual weight loss. It is more effective when you diet, along with taking Orlicure. Results of clinical studies explain that most people lost 5-10 pounds over 6 months.

It stops the absorption of fat that you eat from food. Besides helping in weight loss, it can be also helpful in minimizing the chances of regaining the weight. It is recommended to be used in adults only. It is only effective when used along with a strict and reduced-calorie diet.


Is Orlicure the same as Xenical?

Orlicure is the generic name while Xenical is a brand name. Xenical and Orlicure are the same with no difference. Both will play their part in helping a person to lose weight. They act by blocking the absorption of fat in the digestive tract. If hypothyroidism is the reason for being overweight, then neither drug will help in losing the weight. The effectiveness of Xenical depends on a calorie-restricted diet.


Effective of Orlicure

Almost more than 50% of people lose weight with the correct use of Orlicure as compare to dieting alone. Various clinical studies prove the effectiveness of Orlicure. Within 24 to 48 hours of Orlicure use, fat starts excreting from the body, and these results can be seen quickly. Orlicure is useful for people having body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or above, or a BMI of 28 kg/m2 with high chances of high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.


What does Orlicure Do to The Body?

Orlicure is only useful to lose an extra 50% fat when used with a calorie-restricted diet. It is suggested that diet must be simple and rice in vegetables, fruits, an optimum intake of carbohydrates, and proteins.


More Information
FormStandard Tablet
Active IngredientOrlistat
Brand NameXenical
PackagingBlister Pack of 21 Pills
How it works?It works by preventing the absorption of fat in the food into the intestine.
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