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Introducing Protonitazepyne – A Groundbreaking Opioid Research Chemical!

Protonitazepyne is a cutting-edge opioid research chemical designed for scientists and researchers exploring the complex world of opioid receptors and their potential applications. As an analog of traditional opioids, Protonitazepyne offers a unique profile that makes it an invaluable resource in the investigation of novel pain management strategies and the development of safer, more effective therapies.

For a safer and easier research this product is available also as e-Liquid:

Protonitazepyne and all other synthetic opioids sold on this website are intended for research and forensic applications.

This like all the products from EU RC are shipped on Tuesday by express mail without tracking number,
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Introducing Protonitazepyne, a groundbreaking research chemical (RC) opioid that’s set to revolutionize the field of analgesic research.

Designed with unparalleled precision and purity, Protonitazepyne is a powerful tool for researchers looking to explore the intricacies of opioid receptors and pain management mechanisms in various contexts. As a new and innovative substance, it is ideal for qualified scientists, researchers, and academic institutions seeking to advance their understanding of opioids and their potential applications.

Product Name: Protonitazepyne
Chemical Class: Opioid RC
Molecular Formula: C23H28N4O3
Molecular Weight: 408.502 g·mol−1
IUPAC Name: 5-nitro-2-(4-propoxybenzyl)-1-(2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)ethyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole
CAS Number: xxxxx-xx-x
Purity: ≥98%

Protonitazepyne boasts a range of unique features that make it an essential addition to your laboratory:

High Potency: With a potency many times greater than traditional opioids like morphine, Protonitazepyne demonstrates strong affinity and selectivity for the μ-opioid receptor, ensuring optimal results in receptor binding assays and other experiments.
Precision-Crafted Structure: Protonitazepyne’s molecular structure has been carefully designed to enhance its stability and efficacy, allowing researchers to conduct experiments with greater accuracy and control.
Optimal Solubility: Protonitazepyne’s unique chemical composition ensures excellent solubility in both aqueous and organic solvents, facilitating seamless integration into a wide range of experimental setups.
Rigorous Quality Control: Each batch of Protonitazepyne undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure the highest levels of purity and consistency. This guarantees that you receive a product of exceptional quality, free from impurities and contaminants.
Comprehensive Documentation: Protonitazepyne is accompanied by a comprehensive set of supporting documents, including a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and a detailed guide on handling, storage, and disposal. This ensures you have all the information you need to conduct your research safely and effectively.
Please note that Protonitazepyne is strictly intended for research purposes only and is not approved for human consumption or any form of in vivo testing. It is crucial that researchers adhere to local laws and regulations, as well as ethical guidelines, when handling and working with this substance.

Order Protonitazepyne today and unlock the full potential of your opioid research projects, driving breakthroughs and discoveries that will shape the future of pain management and beyond.


Protonitazepyne and all other synthetic opioids sold on this website are intended for research and forensic applications.

Protonitazepyne Pure for REAL EXPERT ONLY.

Protonitazepyne Mix 1:3 has been made with Inositol for a safer research.

Protonitazepyne e-Liquid is 10mg/ml in 50-50 VG-PG.
The formula has been made for a safer and enjoyable research.

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