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Cychlorphine is an innovative benzimidazolone-based opioid, known for its exceptional potency, about four times stronger than fentanyl. This research chemical, with its profound efficacy at mu-opioid receptors, is primarily used for scientific studies aimed at understanding pain mechanisms and developing new analgesics.

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Cychlorphine, a synthetic opioid of the benzimidazolone class, exhibits exceptional potency approximately four times that of fentanyl. The molecule is structured with a unique N(3)-cyanoethyl modification, elevating its efficacy at the mu-opioid receptors, which are pivotal in pain modulation.

Chemical Profile:

  • Chemical Formula: C23H25ClN4O
  • Molecular Weight: 408.93

Effects and Therapeutic Potential: As an agonist at mu-opioid receptors, Cychlorphine provides profound analgesia, potentially beneficial in settings requiring significant opioid strength with controlled application. The sensation of euphoria and deep sedation are prominent effects, alongside its analgesic properties.

Dosage Considerations: Extreme caution is necessary due to its potency. Administration should be restricted to environments where precise dosing and monitoring are possible, typically starting at the microgram range to avoid adverse effects.

Safety and Side Effects: Users may experience typical opioid-related side effects such as nausea, respiratory depression, and sedation. Its potential for dependence and abuse is significant, necessitating stringent controls.

Harm Reduction Strategies: Ensuring the availability of naloxone kits, training in overdose response, and strict regulatory compliance are vital for minimizing risks associated with its use.


Cychlorphine Pure for REAL EXPERT ONLY.

Cychlorphine Mix 1:3 has been made with Inositol for a safer research.

Cychlorphine Mix 1:10 has been made with Inositol for a safer research.

Cychlorphine e-Liquid is 5mg/ml in 50-50 VG-PG.
The formula has been made for a safer and enjoyable research.

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