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At IVOLABS™ you will find the right chemical for your own experiments or for your company.

Where else can you find such a wide range of chemicals? And at such reasonable prices! Research Chemicals are just very trendy and it is widely reported research chemicals. There are countless negative but also positive media reports on this new chemical products. Many reports are purely speculative and and have no scientific basis.  IVOLABS™ hopes to change that research chemicals do not remain as unknown Research Chemicals anymore. The risks and the benefits of these new substances should be further explored . And exactly that we want to make possible! We remove the financial barrier and make these novel chemicals accessible to everyone. Save up to 90% on the acquisition of research chemicals compared to the competition.
With the discounted price must not be expected deterioration in the quality! Of course, it is important that you put in the selection of chemicals on quality, as for your research, you deserve only only  the best quality. With IVOLABS.COM you're on the right side. In addition, we have for you a huge selection of popular research chemicals from a these categories for example:

IVOLABS™ - our experts are there for you

Take your time to select your desired chemicals. Of course, we will gladly help you with choosing the right products. Also special designed according to your wishes, we can realize for you. For expert advice on the subject of research chemicals you stands our team via email or chat with words and deeds. Simply chat button press and we are here for you!

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Since 2011 IVOLABS.COM is now online. Since then, the shop has become one of the largest online portals for research chemicals. The IVOLABS inspires not only customers in the Netherlands, but also in many European and overseas countries. Of course, with its own online shop in the local language and mother tongue Research Chemicals experts in the chat support. If you want or save your company time and money in the long run Chemicals Shopping personally IVOLABS can be partners for research chemicals for you to full service. We take care of it for all matters relating to your wishes.

IVOLABS.COM - always one step ahead

IVOLABS constantly working to further optimize the online shop for you. Over the years, IVOLABS™ has made such a name for itself as a pioneer in the chemical industry. The service idea is for us always at the forefront. So you can find on IVOLABS.COM the handy search option which can be found in our range you the perfect chemical design to match your application and budget. Give it time out!

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