3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-Methylphentermine, commonly known as MDPM, is an amphetamine derivative with psychedelic and stimulant properties. It is part of a broader class of drugs called phenethylamines, which include several other psychedelic substances and stimulants. These substances generally affect the central nervous system and play a role in altering mood, perception, and cognitive functions.

MDPM is a complex compound with a molecular formula of C11H15NO2. It possesses a methyl group (-CH3) attached to the nitrogen atom of the phentermine base. It also features a methylenedioxy group (-O-CH2-O-) connected to the phenyl ring of the base structure. These modifications from the base amphetamine molecule result in unique psychoactive effects. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, detailed research and studies on MDPM are sparse, meaning the full range of its effects on human physiology and psychology are not well understood.

The chemical structure of MDPM is similar to that of other phenethylamines, including MDMA and MDA. The methylenedioxy group in the aromatic ring of the molecule contributes to the psychedelic effects of the drug. This group of chemicals has been the subject of significant research interest due to their potential therapeutic effects, such as the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, although the use of MDPM specifically for these purposes is not well established.


Note: Research chemicals like MDPMeant for laboratory use only and should not be consumed or used by humans. Always comply with local regulations and handle research chemicals responsibly.

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MDPM, 3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-methylphentermine, stands as an essential product for various sectors due to its chemical and biological properties. Below are the key benefits that make MDPM a valuable product in the market.

Structural Uniqueness: MDPM possesses a structurally unique chemical framework. This unique structure makes MDPM an intriguing compound to explore in research and development fields, particularly in pharmaceutical and neuroscience sectors.

Potential Therapeutic Applications: As a member of the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical classes, MDPM has potential therapeutic applications. With proper research and application, MDPM may lead to the development of new therapeutic strategies for various conditions.

Robust Synthesis Process: MDPM is synthesized using robust, efficient processes that ensure high yield and purity. This makes it a reliable product for research and industrial applications.

Easy Handling and Storage: MDPM is a stable compound, easy to handle, store, and transport. This ensures the viability and effectiveness of the product during its lifecycle.

Versatile Applications: Given its chemical properties, MDPM has a range of potential applications in different sectors, including pharmaceutical, chemical research, and industrial manufacturing. Its versatility adds value to the product and to any operation using it.

Potential Use Cases

MDPM’s distinctive properties position it for various potential applications, especially within research settings. Let’s delve into some of these scenarios.

🎯 Pharmaceutical Research: MDPM, with its phenethylamine and amphetamine class membership, can be used in pharmaceutical research to explore its potential as a precursor for manufacturing medications or to understand its pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics properties.

🎯 Chemical Research: In chemical research, MDPM can serve as a reference standard for analytical purposes. It can also be used to test the efficacy of analytical methods.

🎯 Neuroscience Research: Given its structural similarities with other amphetamines, MDPM might be studied in the neuroscience field for its potential effects on the central nervous system.

🎯 Industrial Manufacturing: In the industrial context, MDPM might be used as an intermediary or precursor compound for the synthesis of more complex molecules.

Recommended Dosage

The dosage of MDPM greatly depends on the specific use case. As a research product, MDPM should be used in a controlled setting following strict safety protocols.

📝 Research Applications: In research scenarios, the quantity of MDPM used depends on the specifics of the study, including but not limited to the nature of the experiment, the required sample size, and the intended outcome of the research.

📝 Industrial Use: In industrial settings, the dosage or quantity of MDPM used depends on the scale of operations and the specific industrial process where it’s incorporated.

📝 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: In a pharmaceutical setting, the use of MDPM would be regulated and calculated based on the required yield of the end product.

Side Effects and Precautions

While MDPM offers a range of potential benefits, it is important to be aware of potential side effects and necessary precautions when handling the product.

🚫 Handling Precautions: MDPM should be handled with care, using appropriate protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, and lab coats.

🚫 Storage Precautions: MDPM should be stored in a secure, cool, dry place, away from incompatible substances.

🚫 Usage Precautions: Use of MDPM should be supervised by trained professionals in a controlled environment to ensure safety and compliance with legal and ethical guidelines.

Similar Products

There are several compounds similar to MDPM, falling within the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical classes. Some of these are:

🔍 MDA (3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine): This is a psychoactive drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical classes. It is primarily used in the field of neuroscience and pharmacological research.

🔍 MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine): Also known as ecstasy, this substance is primarily used for recreational purposes but has been researched for potential therapeutic uses.

🔍 Methamphetamine: A potent central nervous system stimulant that is used in both legal and illegal contexts.

🔍 Phentermine: A medication used in weight management programs.

These products, like MDPM, require responsible handling and usage, respecting legal and ethical boundaries.


In conclusion, MDPM is an intriguing and versatile compound with a multitude of potential applications in pharmaceutical and chemical research as well as industrial manufacturing. Its unique structure, stability, and range of possible applications make it an essential product for various sectors.

MDPM can potentially advance scientific understanding, contribute to industrial processes, and potentially help develop new therapeutic strategies. It requires responsible usage and proper precautions, but with these measures, the possibilities of MDPM are vast and exciting.


This product, MDPM, is intended for research and industrial use only. Use of this product should be supervised by a trained professional in a controlled environment. The product should be stored securely and handled with appropriate safety measures. Use of MDPM is subject to local laws and regulations. Users of MDPM should understand the potential risks and side effects associated with the product. Misuse of this product can lead to harmful consequences. Always follow the recommended dosage and precautions for use.


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